What could you achieve if you could hire 8 times the staff your budget currently allows for? As well as pay them 5 times the average wage?

What if you could do that whilst making a positive contribution to families in developing nations while confidently scaling your own business.

Based on his own proven business success, in this book Craig D Robinson shares his insights on the benefits of working with a highly talented pool of overseas staff, showing how you can utilise outsourcing to unlock business growth.

The Art of Entrepreneurial Outsourcing effectively breaks down this under utilised aspect of business in an easy to understand and practical way. Highlighting 100 mission critical roles you may not have realised can be readily and cost effectively serviced from overseas, as well as sharing practical tips on how to get the most from your overseas team through effective communication systems.

This book is your practical how to guide to effective outsourcing for business of any size.


no time for anything


Do you feel like you struggle to make time for everything?

We are living in a time-poor society, working more than ever and with less time for ourselves and family.

More critically, we lack time to reflect, review our lives and consider our direction. Time to contemplate if the decisions we are making are going to lead us to a life of purpose or an old age filled with regret.

Time for Anything is based on 5 years of research by Craig D Robinson. Using the techniques in this book, Craig went from working in an entry level position to, in just four years: start 2 companies, recharge with 12 weeks holiday a year, start a family, grow and sell his start-ups and retire at the age of 34. This book shows you how you too can have time for it all.