While hard work and a goal focus are important. I have found that giving equal importance (if not time) to myself and others allows me to enjoy life and my success.

I am passionate about good health and adventure. I have completed several trail ultra-marathons, I’m a skydiving instructor and avid adventure racer.

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Adventure racing is a multi-disciplined endurance event, typically conducted in remote bush.

Adventure Racing began as the bush or ‘off-road’ triathlon, requiring participants to compete in Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Trail Running throughout an
event. Frequently competitors need to navigate using topographic maps during the MTB and running legs. A short event may see competitors on-course for 4-6 hours, a long event spans several days.

I have trained and competed in Adventure Races for many years, including the Coast to Coast; a race from the East to West coast of the South Island of New Zealand that includes 3 bike legs totalling 138km, a 70km white-water kayak and 33km mountain run. The Anaconda Adventure Race that was run at Lorne, the X-marathon, the Duo Adventure Series and the Otway Adventure Race.

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Ultra running is endurance trail running, usually through magnificent and inaccessible areas of wilderness (although any event over 42km technically qualifies as ultra-running.) The trail events not only involve running on uneven dirt trails, but usually include river or creek crossings and mountain traverses.

I found that in years where I was particularly time-poor, I focused on ultra-running (it is significantly easier to train for 1 endurance discipline rather than 3 or 4.) I have competed in two 100km events; The North Face 100 which is run through the Blue Mountains in NSW and the Great Ocean Walk 100 which takes in the full GOW 6 day hiking trail from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles in a one stretch. I have also competed in many 50 mile (80km) and 50km events.


Skydiving and BASE jumping

I started skydiving when I was 16 years old (only because they wouldn’t let me jump solo younger than that!) I have completed over 2000 jumps and have been an AFF Instructor and Tandem Master since my late 20’s. I have competed in 4-way and 8-way competition skydiving and won Gold at the Australian National Championships in both disciplines. I was part of the Australia record teams for both the 112-way Australian Formation Record and 4-way inter record (team KAOS.)

I first learnt to BASE jump in the USA at Snake River BASE Academy under Tom Aiello. I remained an active BASE jumper up until the birth of my incredible daughter Cayla. Amazing how your definition of ‘acceptable risk’ changes when you have kids!

Outdoors and the Australian Bush

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When I have free time…..scrap that, when I make time for myself and my loved ones, I prefer to be outdoors and active. Camping and hiking are my top choices, preferably in National Parks a long way from power, phone and internet.

I also stay focused and centred by spending 7 days away in silent meditation every 3 months.

The biggest priority in my life is making sure I have as much fun as I can with my three amazing kids!
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