Vision: by 2025, to have directly made a significant impact in the lives of 100 million people in a positive and meaningful way.

I set out to discover my true Vision and Purpose after I successfully exited my most recent business. I wanted to be certain of my direction before I chose my next path.

I engaged a number of world leaders in the field to help me get to the heart of what the purpose of my life was.

Ridgley Goldsborough, founder of Know Your Why, did a one-on-one with me when he was out from Florida. He helped me to discover that my ‘WHY’ was to contribute to others and make a difference in this world.

I had the amazing Sarah Riegelhuth run me through her ‘Painted Life Vision’ exercise to help me achieve clarity, to discover how I wanted my future to look. It was Sarah who coaxed out the number 100,000,000 lives. A goal that terrifies and excites me, an objective that is ambitious enough to get me out of bed and working every morning.

How will I achieve that? Well, that’s yet to be determined. It has however given me a lens to assess all future projects through. I understand why I am here and what I am looking to do on this earth.

If I fail? Well it won’t be the first time. It will simply be one more time that I get back up to attack my goal with all the effort, determination and intelligence I am capable of. At least I know that the goal I am chasing this time comes from my heart and is written to fulfil me spiritually, not just financially.




Making a difference in my community on a local, national and global level. Contributing to the lives of others in a positive and meaningful way.


Listen, learn and improve so that I grow as a person, entrepreneur, father and friend; everyday.


Bring fun and excitement into everything I do.