Craig’s story


I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and Adventurer.

My journey has taken me across several industries, all of which have excited me and have led to success, which made me realise my passion is to apply my knowledge and experience to help others with business. (Although I still love building my own businesses as well!)

I believe that everyone can be truly successful in business and in life. Through commitment to Yourself, Others and Your Goals. I believe in managing your time efficiently and with commitment you can ensure that whilst becoming successful in business, you also become successful at life.

“I love business. I love helping all kinds business perform more efficiently and profitably. I have run successful fast growth businesses across a number of industries and after successfully retiring at 34yo, I now take pride in helping others achieve strong and improved performance that I believe we are all capable of rising to with knowledge, support and accountability.”

I’m a Father, a CFA firefighter, I volunteer with children who suffer from disability, I am a major shareholder in several businesses and I sit on several Executive Boards and Advisory Boards.

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